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We Know Clogged Drains! 

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Why Hydro Jetting is very Important

Cleaning with a Hydro-Jetting system will bring you joy and prolong the need for another service call. This plumbing method clears blockages for up to four times longer than servicing the clog with a mechanical snake. Conventional snake-type cleaners break up debris but very soon after will re-clog. Jet water obliterates the clog, safely, and, environmentally safe.
Hydro-Jetting is the most successful way to clean out pipe blockages. This service is made up of high-pressure hoses with a variety of specialized nozzles that are attached to a machine that pressurizes the water, generating a powerful stream that clears the drain. Hydro-Jetting is turned on through a clean-out pipe system. The water shoots down the drain, where it pushes grease, mineral build-up, hair, and other debris through the pipe.

Cleaning, not just unclogging
Hydro-Jetting cleans the pipe for a more long-lasting resolution.  High-pressure water can also be used to remove roots in drains by using specialized cutting tools driven by the water jets. This method of cleaning is ideal for sewer lines; kitchen blocked drains, laundry lines, tubs, showers, lavatory sinks, and floor drains. The ability to clean pipes under your home without having to dig up your yard brings a smile to our faces. 

Environmentally Fresh
Say goodbye to chemical drain cleaning methods. Jetting can penetrate deeper and flush out rocks, minerals, and any other obstructions that can clog. The caked-on debris such as grease, soap, scum build-up, and, bacteria can settle into your drains from your kitchen or bathroom. If you’re experiencing foul odors from your drains, Jetting can also help address that issue and leave your drain pipes fresh and clean.
Wood’s Rooter Service uses the most effective tools to unclog your drains, making sure they are leak-free. Wood’s Rooter Service uses tools such as drain snake augers, high-pressure water jetting, and drain rooters to ensure you avoid disaster. At Wood’s Rooter Service, we offer our clients exceptional service to ensure all your plumbing needs are handled effectively and efficiently. Call us today at 401-432-6405 or visit our website to see all the services we offer.


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