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The Importance of Sump Pump Maintenance to Avoid Flooding

Rhode Island winters can be unpredictable at best. If we experience a winter warm-up after a heavy snowfall, the last thing a homeowner wants to deal with is water damage and flooding. Thus, it’s essential that your sump pump is working properly in order to protect your home. 
Proper maintenance now will help prevent stressful and expensive problems down the road. The experts at Wood’s Rooter Service have compiled some quick tips for sump pump maintenance, as well as tips to prevent flooding and water damage. 
A sump pump, with routine maintenance, will last approximately ten years. However, there are reasons why your sump pump could fail:

  • Power outage. Heavy snow or ice can cause power lines to go down, resulting in loss of power. Unless you have a backup battery or generator in place, your pump will stop working temporarily. 
  • Improper size or installation. An improperly installed pump can lead to flooding and water damage. Additionally, the wrong-sized pump can result in too little water being pumped or the pump being forced to work harder, resulting in a decreased life span. Due to a large margin of error, it’s highly recommended that a professional technician installs your pump. 
  • No annual maintenance. Without this maintenance, your pump line can potentially freeze and debris can clog the system resulting in pump failure. 

If your sump pump does fail, you’ll know it regardless of the cause. Water will start backing up in the basement, leading to water damage, flooding, and/or mold growth. To prevent these failures it’s crucial to have preventative maintenance performed on your sump pump yearly. Here are some tips to keep your sump pump running efficiently:

  • Install a backup generator or battery so it will still perform during a storm or power outage.
  • Invest in an alarm to alert you if the water gets too high.
  • Perform a self-check on your pump by checking the hoses to ensure they are properly connected and water is draining properly. 
  • Install well covers on your basement windows to prevent water from getting into your home. 
  • Make sure any drainage is directed away from the house and foundation and that downspouts and gutters are clear of debris. 
  • Schedule your annual maintenance check-up.

If at any point you notice your sump pump is not working correctly or broken, contact a professional to fix the problem before it escalates into a larger issue. 
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