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We Know Clogged Drains! 

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Get Rid Of Roots In Your Drain & Sewer With Root X

Do you have roots in your sewer drain? 

Remove Roots with Root XRoots can be very intrusive especially if there is a bush or tree nearby your drain pipe.  Roots tend to grow quickly and will seek out the nearest water source, which unfortunately could be your sewer main drain or septic drain pipe.  Wood's Rooter Service provides drain cleaning using commercial grade snaking equipment with cutters of different sizes to get the roots out, as much as possible. 

Wood's Rooter Service offers Root X, it kills roots fast! 
Root X is applied to your main drain line.
Obstructions in your main drain line can potentially cause
some major problems,especially - root intrusions. 

sewer video inspectionWood's Rooter Service specializes in Video Inspections, our cameras can show you exactly where the problem is and what is happening in your drain line.
Whether it's a slow drain, major blockage or worse broken drain we can show you exactly what is happening and offer our expert advise on how to fix your problem fast. 

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We will be completely honest with the condition of your drain line, sewer pipe, septic drain etc if we do encounter roots.  We use and highly recommend the ROOT X application, this product is applied either directly after snaking or 4-6 weeks after snaking.  The Root X product is applied either through a clean out or toilet.  However, after applying Root X, no water of any kind such as showers,dishes,washing machines etc can be used for at least 4-6 hours. 

The wait time ensures that the Root X product evenly coats the drain line and has time to soak into freshly cut roots or new roots penetrating the sewer,septic line. 

Applying Root X to kill the roots, keeping them out of your drainage system along with annual snaking could potentially save you thousands by not having to excavate.  However each situation and each drainage pipe is different, so if you need a second opinion or need a drainage professional give us a call.  We are family owned and operated with 4 generations of drainage experience.  

Get Rid Of GREASE In Your Drain & Sewer With GREASE X

GREASE-X CLEARS PIPELINES, PREVENTS BUILDUP AND ELIMINATES ODORGrease-X gives you the power to keep your wastewater systems clear of fats, oils and grease (FOG). Like RootX, using Grease-X is easy to apply and allows you to save time and money by using your own crews and equipment instead of hiring special contractors.
Grease-X uses non-caustic, non-polluting emulsifiers plus nature’s own microorganisms to break down and digest FOG, along with other odor-causing organic wastes. That makes Grease-X a solution for sewer system maintenance that works without harming the environment. 

  • Grease-X Emulsifier - Non-caustic, non-polluting formula penetrates and softens FOG to clear blocked lift lines.
  • Grease-X Jet - Fast-acting emulsifier specially formulated for your jetting equipment to open blocked pipelines.
  • Grease-X Biozyme - Highly concentrated microorganisms break down and digest FOG to keep pipelines clear. Grease-X Biozyme also creates a slick coating on pipes, discouraging FOG from sticking.
  • Grease-X Biodeodorizer - Digests odor-causing wastes to eliminate pipeline odors at the source.
We stock Grease X Biozyme, however if you would like of the other 3 Grease X options, we'd be happy to order for you upon request simply call us!