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The Top Team for Trenchless Sewer Repair in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

No home or business owner in Providence, RI, or Boston, MA, wants to deal with a sewer problem. At Wood’s Rooter Service, we make sewer repairs as easy and quick as possible. Our efficient and environmentally friendly repair methods restore your sewer pipe within a matter of hours. That is because we specialize in trenchless sewer repair.

Trenchless repairs don't require extensive excavation or digging on your property. This means your landscaping, sidewalk, and driveway remain intact. We can perform trenchless sewer repairs in any weather and soil conditions. These cost-effective repairs offer a long lifespan, and we guarantee our work. We offer trenchless sewer repair in:

  • Boston, MA
  • Providence, RI
  • West Warwick, RI
  • Somerset, MA
  • Bellingham, MA
  • Barrington, RI
  • Lincoln, RI
  • Warwick, RI
  • Cumberland, RI
  • East Providence, RI
  • Woonsocket, RI
  • Newport, RI
  • Bristol County, MA
  • Worcester, MA
  • Plainville, MA
  • Fall River, MA
  • New Bedford, MA
  • Rehoboth, MA
  • Seekonk, MA
  • Swansea, MA

Signs of Sewer Issues

In nearly all cases, your sewer line will show some signs of problems before it fails. If you notice any of the following signs, arrange for a sewer line inspection as soon as possible:

  • Foul odors from drains
  • Gurgling or bubbling from drains
  • Standing water in drains
  • Puddles in yard
  • Sewage backup

When Is Trenchless Sewer Repair an Option?

Trenchless sewer repairs offer a fast, minimally disruptive solution for nearly all home and business owners in Providence and Boston. Our crew uses trenchless repair methods for corroded, cracked, fractured, offset, and clogged pipes. While we can use trenchless repairs most of the time, there are a few situations when this method isn't feasible. If your sewer pipe has collapsed, we can't perform a trenchless sewer repair. Our equipment must travel the full length of the pipe in order to make the repairs. Properties with a back-pitched slope may also be incompatible with trenchless repairs.

What to Expect

During a trenchless sewer repair, we temporarily turn off the water and sewer service to your property. Our quiet equipment enters the pipe through an existing access point. Once the epoxy resin cures, we restore water service. Including clean-up, the repair requires less than one day.

Consult the Trusted Trenchless Repair Specialists

Since 2007, our family-owned and operated business has provided reliable trenchless sewer repairs in Boston and Providence. Our trusted team gets the work done right the first time. For more details or to receive a free estimate, get in touch with us at Wood’s Rooter Service today.

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